how do you learn?

I’m a book learner. (Surprise, surprise!) But not in the “read it-got it” kind of way. In the “I love traditional learning environments (e.g. the classroom)” kind of way.

Even when I’ve felt out of place because of the content (difficulty, language, etc.) of a class, I’ve always felt at home in the classroom. When my mind is engaged and I’m surrounded by people who are able to engage collectively and take home information individually, I’m at peace. I’m content.

I’m content when I’m learning. But sometimes “on the job” or “life experience” just doesn’t do it for me. Sometimes, I crave a course syllabus, left stapled and three-hole-punched, a pack of highlighters, and a coil-bound notebook. Sometimes, I need to get my geek on in a classroom of strangers.

And when I leave at the end of the hour (or as the case may be right now, three hours) I feel somehow more whole. It’s how I learn best. Surrounded by other brains, as if by osmosis.