entering the resolution-free zone

Resolutions. Never. Last.

I always think it’s a good idea to make them. And I usually sort of do … but not until February. Why? Because once upon a time, I heard somewhere that it takes 28 days to make or break a habit. Which is basically perfect in terms of calendar days in February, save for that pesky leap year. It also means that January can be utilized as a practice month.

But Happy 2018 anyway!!

That all said, I would like to put some the things in writing that I plan to achieve this year:

  1. Replace all forms of online dating with a variety of podcasts,
  2. Read at least two books every month,
  3. Complete three or more MOOCs in the calendar year,
  4. Complete my medical editing certificate,
  5. Drink more water,
  6. Learn to make awesome crusty bread,
  7. Become an Instant Pot ninja,
  8. Eat less fried foods,
  9. Become a regular at the neighbourhood gym,
  10. Say “yes” to more things (people, activities, etc.),
  11. Stop feeling bad about saying “no” to things (people, activities, etc.),
  12. Continue spending quality time with my family and friends,
  13. Actually get this dementia volunteering thing started (training has been postponed twice due to outbreak in the facility),
  14. Complete either the Seniors MHFA participant course or instructor training (bucking for the second one),
  15. Make it back to BC to see friends and meet babies before they grow up and go to college,
  16. See other parts of Canada,
  17. Build the extension for my kitchen counter and find some awesome bar stools/chairs to go with it,
  18. Resurface all the counters in my house (there’s only two),
  19. Pet more animals,
  20. Sleep more deeply.

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